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Ethiopia Guji Tabe Burka Natural Coffee

Ethiopia Guji Tabe Burka Natural Coffee

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Ethiopia Guji Tabe Burka Natural coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Tabe Burka Washing Station, Guji region in Ethiopia. This coffee is natural processed and roasted at a light level. Clean, orange, jasmine, and black sugar flavor with a fruity sweet lingering aftertaste.

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guji
Farm: Tabe Burka Washing Station
Grade: Guji Uraga Gr. 1 Natural
Variety: JARC 74110, JARC varieties , Local Landraces
Altitude: 1,800 to 2,200 meters above sea level
Process: Natural

Roasting Level: ●●○○○
Acidity: ●●●●○
Sweetness: ●●●●○
Nutty: ●○○○○
Body: Medium
Flavour: Clean, Orange, Jasmine, Black Sugar
Aftertaste: Fruity sweet lingering aftertaste

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