Uganda Kasese Mubuku Natural Coffee

Uganda Kasese Mubuku Natural Coffee

Uganda Mubuku Natural is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Kasese region in Uganda. This coffee is natural processed and roasted in medium dark level. Low acidity with tree nuts, plum, oolong tea flavour.


Kasese station is located on a 20-acre plot of land on the banks of the Mubuku River. The river runs from the glacial caps of the Upper Rwenzori’s all the way to Lake George.

In between, it passes through the fertile farm land on the east facing slopes of the Rwenzori Mountain Range, past Kasese station and into Lake George and the rest of African Great Lakes system.

Kasese is quite close to the shores of Lake George. The station’s southern neighbor is the mesmerizingly beautiful Queen Elisabeth National Park. Even closer, the entrance to Rwenzori National Park is just one kilometer from the entrance to the washing station.




Over 4,300 farmers contribute cherry to Kasese station. They are spread out over a vast system of farms and communities. It can be a significant hardship to transport cherry to the station every day for those further away from the station. In response to this, they built a large network of Collection Sites in a web-like pattern that radiates from the washing station.


The contact farmers who run the collection sites are an extremely important part of the system. There are established comprehensive procedural guidelines to make every collection site effective at receiving quality cherry.

At the collection sites, contact farmers float all cherry to gauge density. Contact farmers also conduct thorough visual inspection of incoming cherry. Contributing farmers are encouraged to harvest selectively and those who are struggling to reach the quality standards are invited to participate in training sessions to continue learning.


Harvest and Post-harvest

Cherry is transported from collection sites to the station daily. Once the cherry has made its perilous journey—the trips are often along steep, dirt roads that often turn to mud.


Each and everyone help to produce these very exciting Naturals from well harvested and meticulously sorted cherry. They produce Uganda Mubuku coffee as strong specialty grades in all processing methods, as well as creating a freedom to experiment with some new and exciting ways to bring out the great flavors locked up in these coffees.

For the production of these Naturals, there are around 90 seasonal staff at the drying tables. These workers are focused almost exclusively on caring for drying cherry. They turn and rake the cherry frequently to promote even drying. As they turn cherry, they visually inspect it for any damaged or defective coffee and remove it. They’re also keeping track of the weather to make sure the cherry is properly protected from rain, excess moisture and too much sunlight.

A smaller team runs the warehouse where manual hulling is done for sample preparation. These samples are sent to the lab in Kampala on a weekly basis. Once the sample indicates a moisture content of between 11 and 12%, the dried cherry is placed in a bag and let it rest until trucking it up to Kampala.

Once it arrives in Kampala, it is cupped through all the day lots to inspect consistency and figure out the best ways to group day lots, based on cup quality, so that no premium coffee slips through the cracks.



Uganda is the native home to one species of Robusta, and commercial coffee production in the country goes back to the beginning of the 20th century.


The potential in this region might exceed our expectations. With an ever-growing demand for high quality Arabicas and a sustained interest from roasters and coffee drinkers in the East African origins, with diligence and effort, Western Ugandan coffees will be able to take their place alongside the other great East African coffees. ​

We have roasted this Uganda Mubuku Natural Coffee to a medium dark that highlights stone fruit, nutty aroma while maintaining sweetness in the cup. It will make a great black coffee with the use of your favorite filter tools.
Our roaster's personal brew ratio:
Coffee: 18g
Water Temperature: 92℃
Total Water: 310g
Prewet: 45g
Final Weight: 280g
Time: 2:30s
Try this single origin coffee at home with family or you can enjoy at your office with workmates. Enjoy!
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