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Uganda Mubuku Natural Coffee
Uganda Mubuku Natural Coffee
Uganda Mubuku Natural Coffee
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Uganda Mubuku Natural Coffee

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 Uganda Mubuku Natural is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Kasese region in Uganda. This coffee is natural processed and roasted in medium dark level. Low acidity with tree nuts, plum, oolong tea flavour.

Origin: Uganda
Region/Town: Kasese
Farm: Kasese Washing Station
Grade: Kasese Mubuku Natural
Variety: SL14
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,300-2,030 masl
Roasting Level: Medium Dark roast

Tasting Notes:
Aroma: Stone Fruit, Nutty
Acidity: Low
Flavour: Tree Nuts, Plum, Oolong Tea

Brewing Recommendation:

  • Filter Coffee (Black coffee)

Kasese station sits on a 20-acre plot of land on the banks of the Mubuku River. The river runs from the glacial caps of the Upper Rwenzori’s all the way to Lake George. In between, it goes through the fertile farm land on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountain Range, past Kasese station and into Lake George and the rest of African Great Lakes system. Over 4,300 farmers contribute cherry to Kasese station. Cherry is transported from collection sites to the station daily.

The Production of Mubuku Natural created 90 seasonal jobs to man the drying beds. These workers are focused almost exclusively on caring for drying cherry. As they turn and rake cherry for even drying, they visually inspect it for any damaged or defective coffee and remove it. They’re also keeping track of the weather to make sure cherry is properly protected from rain, excess moisture and too much sunlight.

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