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Sumatra Aulia Kahpi C.O.E Coffee
Sumatra Aulia Kahpi C.O.E Coffee
Sumatra Aulia Kahpi C.O.E Coffee
Sumatra Aulia Kahpi C.O.E Coffee
Sumatra Aulia Kahpi C.O.E Coffee
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Sumatra Aulia Kahpi C.O.E Coffee

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Sumatra Aulia Kahpi C.O.E coffee is a single origin special grade coffee beans from Aulia Kahpi farm Sumatra region in Indonesia and C.O.E Prestige Cup winner. This coffee is wet-hulled processed and roasted in medium dark level. Round and syrupy body with lemon and ginger acidity. This coffee has a toffee, apricot and jujube flavour.

Sumatra Aulia Kahpi C.O.E - Prestige Cup winner.
Origin: Indonesia
Region: Sumatra
Farm: Aulia Kahpi
Varietal: Caturra, Gayo 1,Typica
Award: C.O.E Prestige Cup winner.
Altitude: 1 400 masl
Processing method: Wet Hulled

Roasting Level: Medium Dark roast
Tasting Notes:
Aroma: Ginseng candy, Herbal
Acidity: Low
Texture: Supple
Flavour: Dates fruit, Spicy, Darjeeling tea
Aftertaste: Clean

Indonesia has a long history of producing Arabica coffee and is the third-largest Arabica producing country in the world. Despite the long history, Alliance for Coffee Excellence has not to this point held a Cup of Excellence program there. The nation’s diverse island landscapes, unique terroir, and variations of producing methods have attracted buyers of high-quality coffees for decades. This rich diversity of growing condition proves to be a challenging but also a promising new origin to hold Cup of Excellence. The Cup of Excellence program has a well-known reputation for bringing recognition to coffee producers and the fruits of their labour, through rigorous national and international judging processes, while also putting their coffees in front of buyers willing to pay premiums for proven-high-quality coffees.

This is the pilot program of C.O.E. in Sumatra, Indonesia. An international jury of coffee professionals from China, Australia, Sumatra, Colombia, The Netherlands, Australia, the United States, Singapore, and South Korea, included in the jury Sucafina’s Daniel Shewmaker. With a program like this, we can start to see the untapped potentials of Sumatra coffees and judging from experiences of C.O.E. in other origins, we will see the cup quality and premiums paid back to producers getting better each year.

This coffee is from Rakyat, Bebesen, Aceh Tengah and produced organically. This coffee has round and syrupy body with Lemon, Ginger acidity to balance, Walnut, Ginseng, Mint aroma and it tastes like Toffee, Apricot, Jujube.

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