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Honduras Las Lagunas Pacamara Natural Coffee
Honduras Las Lagunas Pacamara Natural Coffee
Honduras Las Lagunas Pacamara Natural Coffee
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Honduras Las Lagunas Pacamara Natural Coffee

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Honduras Las Lagunas Pacamara Natural coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from La Paz region in Honduras. This coffee is natural processed and roasted in light level. Black currant, orange peel acidity and medium body. Peach, plum, black tea flavour.

Honduras La Paz San Jose Finca Las Lagunas Pacamara Natural 1450M
Origin: Honduras
Region: La Paz
Farm: Finca San Jose Las Lagunas
Variety: Pacamara
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,450 masl
Roasting Level: Light roast

Tasting Notes:
Aroma: Blackberry, Black currant
Acidity: Black currant, Orange peel
Body: Medium
Flavour: Peach, Plum, Black tea

Brewing Recommendation:

  • Filter coffee (Black coffee)

Brewing Recipe:
Method: Hand Drip
Water Temperature: 94℃
Ratio: 1:15 (16g coffee to 240g water)
Grand size: Medium
Blooming: 30sec, 30g water
Time: 2mins

This coffee is made from hand-picked beans from the Honduras Las Lagunas. This single-origin coffee is 100% Arabica beans and has an unmistakable flavor. The rainforest conditions and the natural irrigation from spring waters provide the optimal micro climate to grow this Pacamara coffee. This natural process coffee was hand selected by a select group of highly trained coffee farmers, who can recognize the perfectly ripe cherries by their color and smell. Pacamara coffee is a coffee varietal that was originally created by crossing Pacas and Maragogype varietals. This coffee variety usually have complex and intense aromas; fruity acidity with flavors of berries.

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