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Bolivia Caranavi Peaberry Washed Coffee
Bolivia Caranavi Peaberry Washed Coffee
Bolivia Caranavi Peaberry Washed Coffee
Bolivia Caranavi Peaberry Washed Coffee
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Bolivia Caranavi Peaberry Washed Coffee

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Bolivia Caranavi Peaberry Washed coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Sol de la Mañana program, Caranavi region in Bolivia. This coffee is washed processed and roasted in medium level. Rich body and citrus-like acidity. Sugar cane, lychee, red cherry flavor with toffee, peach aroma.

Bolivia Caranavi Sol del Manana Peaberry Washed
Origin: Bolivia
Region: Caranavi
Variety: Caturra, Typica, Catuai
Altitude: 1300 - 1600 masl
Process: Washed
Roasting Level: Medium roast

Tasting Notes:
Aroma: Toffee, Peach
Acidity: Citrus-like
Body: Rich
Flavour: Sugar cane, Lychee, Red cherry

This very special peaberry micro-lot comes from producers of the Sol de la Mañana program. These small producers are some of the best producers in Bolivia. They are based in the Caranavi region and have been hand-selected to participate in the program based on their commitment to quality.
Sol de la Mañana program was established by Agricafe – and was the brainchild of its founder, Pedro Rodriguez and his family. The ultimate aim of the program is to try to ensure that coffee production continues to exist in Bolivia and to help small producers improve both the quality and even more critically, yield, of their farms.
Special lot was handpicked and processed on the same day at the Rodriguez family’s Buena Vista Mill. Each day, carefully hand-picked coffee cherries are delivered to the washing station and are meticulously sorted by hand and in a floatation tank prior to processing to remove unripe, overripe, or damaged fruit, in order to enhance the quality and sweetness of the cup.
Once the coffee was dry, it was transported to La Paz where it was rested, and then milled Agricafe’s dry mill, La Luna. At this state-of-the-art mill, the coffee is meticulously hulled and sorted using machinery and also a team of sorters who carefully sort the coffee by hand under UV and natural light.

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