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Roaster's Blend Coffee
Roaster's Blend Coffee
Roaster's Blend Coffee
Roaster's Blend Coffee
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Roaster's Blend Coffee

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Origin: Brazil, Ethiopia, others
Roasting Level: Dark Roast

Tasting Notes:
Aroma: Floral
Acidity: Low
Body: Round and clean mouthfeel
Flavour: Baked honey sweetness, brown sugar, bittersweet, smoky
Aftertaste: Dark Chocolate lingering finish, tea- like

Roaster’s Blend is inspired by traditional Japanese dark roast blended coffee. She consists of coffees from Americas and Africa. We roast the coffee into a dark roast level so as to bring out more positive effect of caramelization and has a strong coffee flavour. Whether to taste it in a filter black coffee, a cold drip, iced coffee or milk coffee, it feels like surrounded by a clean layer of sweetness, with the combination of roasting flavour. It would be perfect to enjoy it with a piece of cake in the afternoon.

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