Peru Jaén Palla Natural Coffee

Peru Jaén Palla Natural Coffee

This single origin Peru Jaén Palla Natural Coffee is from South America, Palla Peña y Panchia farm in Jaén region producing this Colombia and Pache Varietal coffee. This is Natural processed that brings out the honey and plum flavor of the coffee, and roasted to light medium level to highlight dark cherry and rum raisin characters.

This Peru Jaén Palla Natural Coffee is a single origin coffee you must try. This coffee might be the cup that you drink in the early morning to give you a kick-start at the office or it might make your late-morning and afternoons a lot more pleasant. Freshly roasted by our roaster in light medium level, this coffee from Peru has the aroma of dark cherry, rum raisin. Its smooth body and dark cherry acidity is being highlighted. You can't miss its honey, plum, cocoa, musk flavors on your cup.

Peru coffee bean has an incredible flavor and Peru's coffee farms are very important. Since Peru is one of the most beautiful places in the world, Peru would be able to grow one of the most beautiful and delicious coffees in the world and that coffee plays a very important part to the Peruvian economy.

Peru's coffee farms and coffee bean production started in the 1700's. The average land-holding farmer lives on two or three hectares, hours away from the comforts of electricity and running water. Coffee trees grew well because of the unique topography and vast micro-climates that Peru enjoys. The beautiful coffee beans that coffee farmers harvested were often was kept as a domestic product versus being an export. Peru is quickly building a global reputation for producing traditionally cultivated, shade grown, high quality Arabica beans.

Peruvian coffee farmers' land are small, and the country's typical micro-wet-milling operation is even smaller. From May to September, farmers pick ripe cherries and carry them to hand pulpers and wooden fermentation tanks. This tradition of micro-wet-milling has protected Peru's water resources from the devastating effects of river-polluting pulping factories. After processing their coffee, most farmers hike their beans by foot or mule into the nearest town—a trip that can take anywhere from thirty minutes to eight hours. On Saturdays, the plaza of the closest town becomes a buying and selling station for the surrounding remote coffee growers. Farmers sell their coffee and buy goods for their homes before heading back up the mountainous foot trails.

Peru is located in Western South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador with a total area of 1,285,220 sq km. Peru's climate is highly diverse, ranging from tropical in the east to dry desert in the west, from temperate to frigid in the Andes Mountains. The different climates closely match Peru's primary geographic regions including a western coastal plain (costa), the high and rugged Andes in center (sierra), and eastern lowland jungle of Amazon Basin (selva) 1.

Want to try this coffee? Checkout this Peru Jaén Natural coffee and have a taste of this amazing cup from Peru!

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