Iced Coffee

Get Refreshed this Summer: Homemade Ice Filter Coffee

Summer is coming! Making a cup of ice coffee is definitely a good way to kick the hot weather out. In this article we will introduce a very easy way to make ice coffee at home or office, make sure you get the coffee in a convenient and efficient way!

Iced Coffee

Basic tools for filter coffee

Filter CoffeeMaking a filter coffee at home or office is sample. However, we will need to prepare some basic tools:

  1. Coffee dripper

  2. Paper filter

  3. Coffee server/ Mug

  4. Kettle

  5. Coffee grinder (Whether hand grinder or electronic grinder)

  6. Scale


Ice Filter Coffee

This is different from what we know as “Cold drip” or “Cold brew”. If we are making the ice filter coffee, we are brewing the grinds with hot water. In other words, the coffee is extracted by water with a high temperature. Using a smaller brew ratio will give a stronger flavour of the coffee. However if we add a few cube of ice into the coffee, it will dilute the coffee and balance the strength. Here we suggest the following recipe:

  • Water temperature: 93 degree celcius

  • Brewing ratio: 1:8

  • In: 25g

  • Out: 200g

  • Time: 2:45 - 3:00 minutes

  • Ice cube: 10-15

Iced Coffee

It’s not a really matter whether you put the ice cubes in the server before brewing or pour the hot filter coffee into a glass which filled with ice. Instead, we need to pay attention to the brew ratio that we are using when making a ice filter coffee. For example, if you would like to brew a 200ml of the ice coffee (exclude the ice cube), you will need to grind 25g of the coffee beans. Make sure the grind level is coarse than table salt.

If ice filter black coffee sounds boring to you, let’s try something different! Adding 1-2 pieces of lemon or adding sparkling water into the yields will definitely surprise you by its re-freshness! If you would like the coffee with milk, coconut milk is a perfect choice for ice filter coffee!

Check it out on our website for more information about the coffee beans. Enjoy the ice filter coffee in this summer!

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