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Colombia San Luis Estate Anaerobic Washed Coffee

Cherraldine Dayrit

Colombia San Luis Estate Anaerobic Washed coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from San Luis Estate, Tolima region in Colombia. This coffee is anaerobic washed processed. Anaerobic is a special processing method where coffee is fermented without oxygen. This distinct process results in rare and exotic flavors. Affected to the beans color changes darker after roasted. Very clean and bright acidity, chamomile, black tea, brown sugar flavours.

Anaerobic processing is where coffee is fermented without oxygen. This distinct process results in rare and exotic flavors. Anaerobic fermentation produces distinct acids, like lactic acids, that give the final product a striking flavor. During this process, anaerobics are placed in sealed tanks that are pressurized from CO2 buildup, and then remaining pressure and oxygen are let out using release valves. You can have anaerobic naturals, honeys, and washed coffees. The fermentation can take place in cherry or de-pulped in the mucilage. The coffee is then dried in cherry (natural), in mucilage (honey), or washed and dried.


San Luis has a special condition due to the location, close to the Ecuadorian line and it's altitude which goes from 1700 to 1800 meters over the sea level. This area has the highest rainfall and humidity on the farm which leads to a particularly clean and juicy coffee.

Coffee trees are able to produce high quality coffee all year long, you can find flowers, green, yellow and red beans in one tree. Coffee cultivation complements a system of regulated shade with tree species which create habitats for many species of birds and other wild animals supporting the conservation of local and national wildlife. After the coffee is harvested, it will be washed and sorted with spring water immediately. It will be placed in a GP bag for anaerobic fermentation to produce more flavour. Coffee beans will then leave to dry till it reaches the ideal moisture content.

Omar Arango has been in charge of Finca San Luis, located in Libano, Tolima. He has been dedicated to improve the process and production of specialty coffees, learning about more efficient ways of collection and sorting. 

Enjoy this new coffee with family and friends this season. Warm the hearts and smell great tasting coffee now.

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